Friday, March 1, 2013

Placing the FIRST STRAKE

Time to mix the epoxy

Applying epoxy for the first strake

Blue tape masking where epoxy isn't needed

Both base and strake need epoxy

Turning over the first strake to place it

It was premeasured and dowels held it in place

Then dowells are removed and screws placed to hold it in place 

Screws are waxed so they will come out easily
and washers to avoid marring the wood

The most difficult part is the curves at both ends

Almost all done

Now it will dry for a couple of days, only 19 more strakes
to place after beveling the edges so they fit smoothly, etc.

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  1. this is great. wondering where the word strake came from...and what it means. slat is the word that I think. Can't wait to see you on the water